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Creative Cappuccino - The Laughs...

Here at Creative Cappuccino, we're more than pretty faces with a knack for making the best cappuccinos in town. We also have a great sense of humor, especially coffee humor. So, grab a cup of coffee and giggle at these:

  • A man walks into a cafe and asks the waitress how much the coffee is. "It's $4," replied the waitress. "Well, how much are the refills then?" asks the man. "They're free," says the waitress. "Hmmm," says the man. "I'll just take a refill then."
  • A man at a restaurant was annoyed that the waiter hadn't brought a spoon for his coffee. So, at the top of his voice, and so other patrons could hear, he says "This coffee is going to be pretty hot to stir with my fingers." The waiter, hearing this, made a hasty retreat to the kitchen and returned promptly with another coffee. "Here you are, sir," said the waiter. "This coffee isn't nearly as hot."
  • Remember when we would talk over our problems with a coffee and a cigarette... Now, they are the problem!
  • You know you're drinking too much coffee when...
    • You lick the coffee pot clean
    • You sleep with your eyes open
    • The Energizer bunny wears out before you do
    • All your kids are named Joe
    • You want to be cremated so you can spend eternity in a coffee tin
    • Your survival kit contains a pound of coffee and a grinder
    • You answer the door before anyone knocks
    • You channel surf faster without the remote
  • One morning, a grandmother was surprised to find her 7-year old grandson had made her coffee!  Smiling, she choked down the worst cup of her life. When she finished, she found three little green Army men at the bottom. Puzzled, she asked, "Honey, what are these Army men doing in my coffee?" Her grandson answered, "Like it says on TV, Grandma, 'the best part of waking up is soldiers in your cup!'"
  • A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning.  The wife says, "You should do it because you get up first, and then we don't have to wait as long to get our coffee." The husband says, "You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee." The wife replies, "No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the coffee." The husband responds, "I can't believe that, show me." So, she fetched the Bible and opened to the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it, indeed, says: "Hebrews."
  • Cousin Elly is the world's worst at getting instructions mixed up.  When she got married, her husband bought her one of those fancy, electric coffee makers. It had all the latest gadgets on it.  Salesman Riley carefully explained how everything worked: how to plug it in, set the timer, go back to bed, and upon rising, the coffee is ready. A few weeks later, Elly was back in the store and Riley asked her how she liked the coffee maker. "Wonderful!" she replied. "However, there's one thing I don't understand.  Why do I have to go to bed every time I want to make a pot of coffee?"
  • Freddie was 18-years old, friendly, and eager to do things right. Unfortunately, he wasn't especially bright. He had just started his first job, as a delivery boy and general gofer at a furniture warehouse.  His first task was to go out for coffee. He walked into a nearby coffee shop carrying a large thermos.  When the counterman finally noticed him, he held up the thermos. "Is this big enough to hold six cups of coffee?" he asked. The counterman looked at the thermos, hesitated for a few seconds, then finally said, "Yeah. It looks like about six cups to me." "Good," Freddie said. "Give me two regular, two black, and two decaf."
  • I met someone in the elevator who was drinking coffee and complaining about how coffee made him nervous.  I said, "Why don't you quit drinking coffee?" He responded, "Because if I didn't have the shakes, I wouldn't get any exercise at all!"
  • What do you call a cow who has just given birth? De-calf-inated!
  • Customer: Waiter, is this supposed to be coffee or tea?
    Waiter: What does it taste like?
    Customer: It tastes like gasoline!
    Waiter: Well, sir, that would be the coffee. The tea tastes like turpentine.
  • People ask me if I wake up grumpy in the morning. I reply, No.  I just bring her some coffee!
  • A man went to his psychiatrist and said, "Every time I drink my coffee, I get a stabbing pain in my right eye. The psychiatrist said, "Well... have you tried taking the spoon out"
  • I'm sure all coffee beans are juvenile.  They're always getting grounded!
  • I pulled up to the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant and ordered coffee. I asked the clerk to put some ice cubes into the cup so that I could drink the cool coffee quickly. At the window, there was a delay. Finally, the clerk came to the window looking frustrated, and announced, "I'm having a problem. The ice keeps melting."
  • You know you're drinking too much coffee when...
    • You can out-yip your chihuahua
    • There are more grounds than soil in your flower beds
    • You make coffee ice cubes for your iced coffee
    • You eat coffee Jell-o
    • You haven't blinked since the last lunar eclipse
    • All your kids are named "Joe"
    • You've built a minature city out of little plastic stirrers
    • You have a picture of your coffee mug on your coffee mug
    • People get dizzy just watching you
    • You sleep with your eyes open
    • You have to watch videos in fast-forward mode
    • People can test batteries in your ears
    • You don't get mad; you get steamed.
    • You don't tan, you roast!

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