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Welcome to Creative Cappuccino...

We invite you to find out more about our extensive coffee services, equipment rentals, and lite fare bars. Our elegant, yet fun, service creates style and atmosphere at your event. Our professional and courteous baristas are always ready to greet your guests with a smile.  We do it for you... one cup at a time.

Our Coffee: Since we opened our doors, we've used only Passport Coffee from The Coffee Roasters of Arizona ensuring your coffee setup is only the finest, richest coffee. We offer regular or decaffeinated coffees to please every attendee.

Our Espresso: Our Portofino Espresso is specially blended in Trieste Italty, then exported to us in small batches. This espresso displays a distinctive caramel taste with the best characteristics of Italian espresso. It's truly an Italian experience!

Review our sample menu. We will customize our menu for your event adding or removing beverages and add-ins to suit the tastes of your guests and the type of event you're planning.

We're more than just exquisite coffees:

We also offer lite fare setups including ice cream socials, Hawaiian shaved ice, pasta bars, and deli luncheons.

Whether you want to rent one of our ASTRA Espresso machines for your next meeting, or you want us to setup, staff, and cleanup multiple services, we look forward to helping make your next event a success.

We just added a new section to Perks - Espresso Tasting. How would you know if the espresso is good? Find out!
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Cappuccino for the holidays makes every event special!

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If you've ever considered becoming a Barista, or if you would like to learn to use the expensive espresso machine sitting in your kitchen, find out more about Best Barista Training, a division of Creative Cappuccino, Inc.
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