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Frequently Answered Questions:

Do you do early setups?

    Yes. We can set up as early as you like.  However, if there is a delayed start, then there is an additional hourly charge for every hour or portion of an hour while the barista waits to begin service or is delayed in breakdown after services ends.

Disposable vs Glassware

    Our basic service includes disposable 12-oz cups, plates, or serving bowls, as appropriate. If you would like to supply glassware or china, we would be happy to accomodate your needs and serve in the client-provided serviceware.

What are the electrical requirements?

    We require a regular 110-volt outlet with a 20-amp breaker. The outlet must be dedicated (you can't have anything else on the same circuit). We can provide 10-foot extension cords, if necessary, but we prefer to be as close to an outlet as possible.

What are your space requirements?

    We are masters at small spaces. We usually set up on a 6-foot table and just need a little room to stand behind it and work. We fit perfectly in lobbies, foyers, office kitchens, breakrooms, living rooms, family rooms, decks, and patios. We do need a level surface and easy access for equipment unloading and setup.  There may be additional charges if access to the location is difficult, impeded, or requires additional people.

Can you set up outside on a deck or patio?

    Of course. If we need to setup and serve outside in colder months, you must provide a space heater for the barista and access to the indoors to periodically warm up. We believe the health and happiness of our servers is worth it, and we know you will agree.

Will you come out and view the proposed site before the event?

    Yes. We can meet with the client to confirm the location for setup, electrical needs, traffic flow, etc. However, we do charge an hourly fee for this service.

Can you incorporate our theme for the event into your bar/serving area?

    Of course. We will be happy to use any client-provided signage, floral arrangements, lighting, etc. Be sure to speak with us about it when scheduling your event.

Our event is at a local resort, can we still use your services?

    Absolutely. We have a great working relationship with all of the resorts and catering companies. It is best for you to work with your Catering Manager, then they can hire us for you.

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