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Phoenix Party Catering

Creative Cappuccino is the clear winner when it comes to espresso bar catering in Phoenix  and throughout Arizona! We will produce the best coffee catering experience you’ve ever seen with our unique style of event catering, whether it’s an intimate event with family and friends or an elaborate gala for corporate clients. Our events always create a positive lasting memory.

We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to make any event memorable! Let our skilled barista and tropical smoothie team members blend up some delicious additions to your event. We’ve been brewing specialty coffee, with gourmet coffee beans, drinks for over 20 years, and have successfully held thousands of espresso parties with our superb coffee catering. Not only do we offer nearly every type of espresso creation, we can also provide a tropical smoothie catering station at your event for a lighter, more refreshing alternative to our espresso catering.

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Whether you are planning a wedding shower, employee appreciation party, trade show exhibit, or 100th anniversary gala, Creative Cappuccino will ensure people will be talking about your event well after it is over!

Read more about our different catering services on our services page. If you are already excited to book an event see our contact us page.